The last time I added up my time in the healthcare industry, it was at thirty years. How the time has flown by. I started in Pharmacy and moved on to being a Pharmacy Technician for many years in retail and hospital pharmacy, here and overseas.

After about fifteen years in Pharmacy it dawned on me one day that I should study to become a Naturopath. I knew I was on the right track as no one tried to talk me out of it.

At the same time I was introduced to Bowen Therapy and found a real connection to it right from the start. I have come to really enjoy this modality and how it helps people on so many levels. I am continually in awe of it.

The mix of Naturopathy and Bowen Therapy is ideal in my view. I feel very blessed that I have a well-rounded skill level and this is helped by so many years in the healthcare industry.

My experiences working in the disability and mental health sectors have enabled me to truly focus on each person. We are all so incredibly unique. Last year I commenced a Certificate in Public Health through Massey, this complements my role in mental health and my clinic work.

Heart and cognitive health has become a real passion for me. I had rheumatic fever when I was nine years old and there is a history of heart bypass surgery in my family. For eight years I took a prescribed medication for my blood pressure, I have since stopped this due to ongoing side effects that I struggled with for some time. I do not recommend this for my clients, this is a matter for your Doctor not a Naturopath I have clear boundaries around this. More recently I have assisted with a nutrition and Alzheimer's study at Waikato Hospital and have loved it and continue to follow the study with great interest.

There is no magic pill or supplement for that matter. Each person is unique and needs to be treated that way. I work best in a clinic setting where I can focus on the person where you are guaranteed my undivided attention.

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Vanessa King - Registered Naturopath

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